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OxWell Survey

University of Oxford Online Pupil Health and wellbeing survey Free to ALL Oxfordshire Schools and Colleges

Oxfordshire Online Pupil Survey becomes the OxWell School Survey

In 2019 we successfuly carried out a valuable and well-established Online Pupil Survey in schools covering health and well-being of pupils as part of a University of Oxford collaborative project (iSAM). In 2020 we planned to run the OPS again but courtesy of Covid-19, that became the OxWell School Survey 2020. We have been funded to carry out further OxWell surveys, the next one will be in 2021. The survey provides valuable data for schools to gain insights into pupil voice, set priorities for improving the health and wellbeing of their pupils, and monitor impact.

OxWell School Surveys

Due to the COVID-19 situaton, schools were closed just as we were preparing to make the 2020 version of OPS available to schools. In response to the situation, funding was granted by the Pathfinder project to run a HOME edition, including questions about how lockdown has affected pupils' mental health and general well-being.

University of Oxford Online Pupil Health and wellbeing survey 2019 Benefits of the survey

The survey is engaging and easy for pupils to use and asks a series of questions across a range of health and wellbeing related issues. Primary, Secondary and the Year 12/FE versions differ according to age. The survey takes most pupils between 30 - 45 minutes to complete and can be comfortably fitted into a lesson.

The school/college receives its own data, and can generate different reports using our LodeSeeker® data tool. The data can provide the school with invaluable information for Ofsted evidence. There is also County-wide data that can be used to inform strategic planning across partnerships.

  • If you represent a local authority in England and are interested in being involved in future surveys, please contact:
  • For more information on the background to the OxWell project go to the Psychology Department School Mental Health page.
  • For information on OxWell School Survey 2020 content see here.
  • For a description of how the LodeSeeker® data tool for schools works see here.

Examples of survey results can be accessed here and there are case stories from South Gloucestershire on how schools have used data to demonstrate impact of interventions on pupils’ health and wellbeing behaviours.